Who was in who’s belly?

At lunch today Hayden and Violet were talking about how big they were getting. They then started to talk about how small they were when the were born and how small they were when they were in Libby’s "belly".

We also talked about how I was in grandma’s belly and they Hayden said that he wanted to have a baby in his belly. After telling him that only girls can have babies in their belly’s Hayden replied by saying he felt a baby in his belly. He had to eat extra food so the baby in his belly could eat some too.

I guess we will have to go to the doctor to see when Hayden is going to be a dad.

One thought on “Who was in who’s belly?

  1. If it's good enough for Arnold Schwarzenegger – it's good enough for me!! I wish I could remember the name of the movie! Grammy

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