Disney Day 2 – Resort

When we booked the trip to Disney it was recommended to us to stay at the resort for 5 days and get 4 days worth of park passes so we could take a break in the middle of the week to let the kids rest.  We were originally planning on having Wednesday be our rest day but we had our minds changed for us by the weather.  

About a week before we went down to Disney the Weather Channel showed that there was between a 10 and 40% chance of rain for every day we were there.  When we left, it still looked OK, but as we drove the weather looked more ominous.  If you recall from the Disney Day 1 post, we were pushed out of Magic Kingdom by the rain.  After dinner on Monday we looked at the weather the forecast was for rain all day Tuesday!  Since rain was in the forecast all day we switched our resort day to Tuesday so we wouldn’t miss out on too many park activities.
When we awoke on Tuesday it was sprinkling a bit so I went out for a run while Libby and the kids watched TV and ate breakfast.  Once I got back I quick grabbed a bite to eat and we headed for the pools.  When we were swimming there was no rain to be seen.  We had morning snack and lunch outside by the pool.  The kids both had chicken nuggets and fries that were served in a pail with a shovel.  When they first talked with Grandma Sue about the vacation they both said that their favorite part of the vacation was the lunch with the pails.  
After lunch we took a nap and got ready for our night out.  Libby and I dropped Violet and Hayden off at the Neverland Club so we could go on a date.  When we took them there they got to go up a little flight of stairs just their size to start creating some arts and crafts.  
After we left them Libby and I headed for Downtown Disney to go to DisneyQuest to play some games and the House of Blues for dinner.  One of our favorite rides at DisneyQuest was when we got to deign our own roller coaster with loops, barrel rolls and jumps.  When we were done we went into a cockpit similar to a flight simulator where we rolled and spun like we were on our roller coaster.  The other ride that we really enjoyed was a bumper car ride where you shot balls at other cars.  When the balls hit the other cars they spun out of control for a few seconds.  
Once we were done with dinner and playing we went back to pickup the kids.  We were wondering if they had a good time there since they came rushing out to greet us.  As we were walking back to the car, they asked to go back to the Neverland Club the next day instead of going to Magic Kingdom again.  I guess that means they had a good time.