Yummy Science

Today was official day one of Mike being gone! He will arrive in India today, where it is over 100 degrees F. It is still pretty cold still, so we have yet to venture outside for too much. I took the kids to Bob Evans for breakfast and the after that we went to Meijer – which took a really long time. We picked up a kick ball, so I’m hoping we’ll head to the park later!

We took some time in the afternoon making some “jelly balls.” As you can see from the pictures the kids had a great time. The first step is to put a cup of vegetable oil in the freezer. I then boiled some gatorade with gelatin and let that cool (but it was still warm when we used it). After 40 mins in the freezer, we used droppers to drop the warm gatorade mixture into the very cold oil and it formed balls and they sank to the bottom. I scooped off the balls and rinsed them in cold water and we had a yummy snack of ‘jelly balls’. Other than it being pretty messy, it was fun! The kids loved how the balls formed and also that it tasted just like jello.