Weekend and the Grandparents

We went up to see grandparents this weekend.  After a great pancake breakfast at Paula and Ray’s, we packed up the kids and headed up to do some sledding.  Violet and Hayden had a blast sledding with Grandpa Chuck.

Since it was cold and VERY windy, we stayed inside for the afternoon.  Hayden and Violet were having fun downstairs with me and Grandpa Ray.  They found Uncle Karl’s remote control car, an old vacuum (Hayden’s favorite), and a rope swing.  After playing inside and eating dinner, the kids headed to bed.

Sunday we went to the Overboard Inn for breakfast.  On our way to breakfast, we passed the blueberry farm of a family friend who also happens to sell earth moving equipment.  Hayden was excited to see the “big tucks”, so we told him we would go see them after breakfast.

After a great breakfast, we bundled up the kids and went to see the tucks…

If you look at the picture to the left, you will notice that there was a frozen body of water next to the piece of earth moving equipment.  Hayden definitely noticed this and proceeded out onto the ice.  I didn’t hear the ice cracking when he was out there, but I didn’t know how thick it was so I decided to stay on dry land and persuade Hayden back off of the ice by promising him that he could go in another earth moving vehicle.  Hayden made it off of the ice dry and safe.

After that, we warmed up at Paula and Ray’s and the kids helped to teach Paula how to play angry birds on various electronic devices.  A great time was had by all.  We got to spend time with the family as well as spending some time outside.

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  1. I called Judy this morning and confessed our transgression. She told me the drainage pond is only a foot deep – and that our footprints had melted by the time they opened this morning.<br /><br />She invited us back during the warmer weather to visit with the dogs: a chocolate lab and a mastiff – both very friendly. Grammy.

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