Winter camping

This past Friday was a ‘no daycare’ day for the kids. Therefore, I stayed home with them. Most days like this, I don’t feel as though I can get much accomplished. Not this time! Not only did we get every room picked up, but we (and I do mean we) managed to get every bit of carpeting vacuumed as Hayden cannot pass up helping to vacuum a room. 

As a ‘reward’ we went camping in the living room. I set up their tent, we got out sleeping bags and managed to all cuddle in and watch a movie – Cars, since that is their favorite movie right now.

I think they had a lot of fun even though it might be a little difficult to see from this picture. They always seem to turn into little zombies while watching TV – at least until their favorite part comes on.

Hayden LOVES the part in Cars where the DJ car and other ‘hot rod’ cars come up to Mac on the highway and they’re thumping some good beats. He jumps right up and starts pumping his little hands in the air. I should try to get a video of that next time.

Oh, and speaking of vacuums, after we finished vacuuming the upstairs, Hayden decided that the vacuum was NOT to go back downstairs. It is now residing in his bedroom. He now adds “goodnight, vacuum” to his list of goodnights. I wonder how long it will be before I can bring it back downstairs…