Hayden sure does love his routines. At night, he has to read Goodnight Moon while holding his blanket (kampy) after brushing his teeth and drinking a glass of water.

Tonight, however, i could not find Goodnight Moon. He didn’t want anything else – at all – but certainly wanted his story. Since I’ve read the story enough times (and it is the least complicated story out there), I attempted to recite it without the book.

Hayden looked at me and said, “no, mommy. Find it. Find Goodnight Moon!”

I then resorted to pulling out my Kindle to see if they had either an app or the book available. All I could find was “Goodnight Bush” (which appeared political, I’ll have to check it out another time) and a few other knockoffs. I resorted to the web, and found something on YouTube that was narrated by Susan Saranden (sp?). He loved it. When he finished, he said, “Again! Now! Peeeese!” We watched it three times. I certainly do not hope he expects this every night.