Stick Family

Stick people, by Violet

An accurate representation. 

Mom: (dressed for work) black hoodie, dark pants, blue & black socks
Dad: Colorful sweater, brown work pants (with pockets), white socks, red and black running shoes
Violet: Purple shirt, blue pants, no socks or shoes
Hayden: Orange and white striped shirt, blue pants, fuzzy black socks, blue tennis shoes

Also, this conversation
Violet: What do you think dad is wearing?
Me: Well, today, dad is working at the hotel outside by the pool and it is pretty warm, so probably something like shorts and a t-shirt.
Violet: No, it’s too cold for that. He’s dressed warm like us.
Me: Probably not, but you can design him however you’d like!
Violet: I was going to anyway.

Ah, I love kids.