In case you were wondering…

This is what our germy bread looks like as of this morning. Before we headed off to daycare, we examined our GERM EXPERIMENT! They are laid out in the same order (clean hands, kinda germy hands, very germy hands). The first and last breads have their bags turned upside-down so you can see the mold better.
I am hoping that it got through to the kids the importance of washing hands, which Hayden is going through the process of HATING because of his dry hands. They were so surprised that the bread that had “lots of germs” was so moldy (with a variety of colored molds, too!) and that it looked so different from the others. 
The kids want to keep it to see how moldy it can get and see if we can watch it decompose at different rates. I said sure, why not. I’ll keep sharing the differences probably for as long as we manage to keep them.

Please note, that the first piece of bread does have mold on it, but we found out that the whole loaf was already starting to mold – regardless of our germ experiment. I still think that this is a great example of what picking your nose and then handling your food actually looks like.