Skittles still hasn’t learned

For anyone who knows our older cat, Skittles, you will know that she hasn’t been the friendliest of cats – especially from the meds she was on for quite a while. She has always been a great cat, just not the kind of cat that would want to be held or sit in your lap. She was happiest when all of her ‘siblings’ (cats and kids) were sleeping.

Lately, however, Skittles has taken to Hayden. She will COME UP TO HIM and let him pet her. Here you can see Hayden giving her a ‘hug.’ He sat up and told me, “Skittles happy!” She was indeed purring. He loves to call her whenever he can’t see her, “here kitty! *kissy sound*” and yell, “kittttttyyyyy, where are you?” Sometimes both cats come, and he is overcome with joy.

Hayden has done nothing to prove his trustworthiness to Skittles. In fact, he has done the opposite. Every once in a while I can hear “PULL!” followed by meowing. He’ll come up with some fur in his hands and say “kitty tail.” He gets his time-out, cries and goes and tells Skittles he’s sorry.

Why don’t they RUN AWAY?! or scratch? or hiss? No. Not that I want them to hurt my kids, but so far our kids haven’t realized that it is NOT OKAY to pull a cat’s fur – regardless of how soft it may feel. Hayden no longer chases Midnight and he seems to be extra careful with Skittles, but since I can’t seem to keep track of my kids for 100% of the time and my cats for 100% of that same time, I will just have to hope that we can get it into his little skull sooner rather than later.

2 thoughts on “Skittles still hasn’t learned

  1. I'm hoping that our Princess Echo has a change of heart too. I would be so nice to see Hayden and Violet be able to play with her. Grammy.

    1. I think Echo will be better once Hayden realizes that he doesn't need to run full throttle at the cats. Hayden runs to us to get hugs, why can't he run to the cats to give them hugs???

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