Bella: An Update

After weeks and weeks numerous visits to the vet, scans galore, and lots of medication constant, Bella is officially unmedicated for her ailments! Some days are better than others, but I really think that we’re *only* dealing with Panosteitis, which means that we should be through all of this by age 2! So only a year and a half to go!

She’s able to walk around still and go up and down the stairs – even tearing around the yard. We’ll take it for now.

She’s happy and playful, much to the chagrin of Midnight – who MUCH prefers her docile and not slobbering all over his ears. There was a time when they were cuddle buddies, but that time has passed.

Since Bella is SO CUTE, I created her own Instagram account, because, you know – I have lots of time to manage an account for our DOG… however, I really had NO IDEA how many pets had their “own” accounts. Slightly ridiculous, but fun nonetheless.