Silence makes me nervous

With two young kids, there never seems to be more than moments of silence – and those times are generally when they are sleeping or eating (only when they get started eating, however). So, when there comes some time when I don’t hear either of them, it makes me nervous. There was one point the other evening where I didn’t hear anything at all. No talking. No arguing. No singing. Absolute silence.

When i went out to check on them, they were each engrossed in their ‘reading.’ Violet gets the Highlights magazine, Take Five (thanks Grandma Sue & Grandpa Chuck!) and she just loves it and Hayden was sitting flipping through DVD covers and random books on the floor.

I love moments like these, when I can just step back and be amazed by them.

2 thoughts on “Silence makes me nervous

    1. It's key that you engage the core muscles while you read. It helps stimulate blood flow to the brain as well so you can think better!

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