Snow Shoveling with Violet

Since we got several inches of snow yesterday and the plow went by the drive, I got on my winter clothes to go clear the drive.  Since Libby was putting Hayden down and then going to work out, I decided to bundle Violet up so she could “help” shovel the drive as well.

I grabbed by shovel and Violet grabbed her’s (A $5 kid shovel from Meijer).  At the beginning, she was doing well pushing the snow and making random paths.  She then started to scoop and throw the snow.  After seeing how it could fly, she thought it would be funny to throw several shovels worth on me.  
After throwing snow at each other for a while, Violet got on her skis and “down hill” skied in our driveway.  She had plenty of time, because the plow came by and filled up the end of our driveway AFTER I cleared it once.  
After I got the drive cleared AGAIN, I put Violet in the front seat of the car and did a loop in the neighborhood like a “race car driver”.  Some people hate winter, but it’s times like these that makes me love the snow and Michigan!

One thought on “Snow Shoveling with Violet

  1. the first night it really snowed in Muskegon, Karl and I were doing donuts in the high school parking lot until 2 in the morning : )

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