First Conferences of this Year

It is so hard to believe that the kids are now in 1st and 3rd grade. Summer flew by and we’re well into another year of school. Last week, we had conferences for both kids.

Amazingly, they try to fit everything into a 15-minute span per kid. That means that we go through everything we can think of at an unimaginable pace and end up running a few minutes over, but then the next one runs over and so on through the night and I doubt that anyone can complete it in 15 minutes. Both kids are really doing great. We know that they are both super smart, so it is nice to hear it from their teachers too. Hayden has yet to flip his card this year – so that for us to hear is an amazingly stark difference from last year. Hopefully he’s on the right track to continue to work on the behavior struggles.

On the night of conferences, we ran out of time for the kids to stop by the book fair. We decided to take them back to the school on the last night of conferences just to visit the book fair. Our kids LOVE books, and LOVE reading. They each got to pick out ONE book (which was an extremely difficult decision for each of them to make). Once we made the purchases, the kids decided they needed to read immediately and we had to pretty much pry them away from them so they would be able to walk home in the dark without trying to read their books.

They finished the books that night.