Daddy Daughter Dance

This past Friday Violet and I went to her second daddy daughter dance.  Weeks before the dance its self, Violet was super excited to go to the dance.  I think the main reason was because she gets to eat desserts and snacks with her friends.  The day of the dance, I picked her up early from daycare so her and I could get ready. She got into her dress and I got into my suite with my “#1 Dad” tie that she got me for Christmas.

After we got ready, she got to pick a fancy restaurant to go to for dinner.  After much thinking… …actually it took her 30 seconds.  Anyway, after thinking she chose the fanciest of restaurants… McDonalds.  She chose this because we don’t usually get to go there.  Even though I was not the happiest about the choice, it was her night and we went and had a good time.

After dinner, we went to the dance.  We were one of the first ones there, because I thought it started at 6 instead of 6:30.  It was cool to show up then, because one of her friends was there and they both got to see all of their other friends come in.   Below is a picture of Violet with one of her friends at the beginning of the dance.

As you can see from the next picture, Violet and her friends were dancing up a storm.

Toward the end, Violet and her friends had to take a break.  While they were relaxing, they were still having a great time.

Both Violet and I really like going to the daddy daughter dance.  I as well as Violet, can’t wait for next year.