No More Trees

Our neighbors cut down all 4 sissoo trees from their backyard! It took an entire day for the people to chop them down. It was crazy loud, and as of today, I’m not sure how I feel about it. First take a look at a SMALL PORTION of the mess we had to clean up from these trees:

I had looked for photos that showed what it looked like before the trees were taken out, but I only have one of the photos from when we bought our house (so don’t get excited that we now have lounge chairs, because we do not – as of this post):

And even this doesn’t put this view into perspective and the trees seemed to be bigger before today since we bought the house. But now:

What do you think? IMO it looks naked! But, cleanup will be much better and luckily it’s “only” morning sun that we’ll be adding into our yard. Like I said though, I’m on the fence. Mike wants to buy the neighbors a 6-pack of beer as a thank you because he for sure thinks it is better.

On side note, since we have nothing better to do, we’re chopping down stuff in our yard as well and giving the kids lots of useful skills: