Winter Fun

This winter the kids have been having fun.  As you saw in the post about us skiing at Timber Ridge, the kids enjoyed downhill skiing.  Along with this, we got some ice.  Below is a video of the kids sliding on the driveway.

Our latest winter adventures happened a weekend or two ago when we went to up north to go to Crystal Mountain.  Prior to this, we stopped off to make a snow fort below.

After building some forts we went up to Crystal Mountain.  We were planning on all going skiing with family friends, but you know what they say about plans.  Violet ended up getting pretty sick, so she and Libby had to opt out of skiing.  I still took Hayden skiing.  Below are some videos of Hayden skiing.
We started off on the “magic carpets”.  These are a lot better than the rope tows.  Hayden got his feet under him using the carpets a few times.  After he got the hang of these we went down the big hills.

These videos don’t show Hayden going down the mountain.  At first Hayden had to slow down by skiing up snow banks.  After learning how to “make pizza” (a.k.a. snow plowing) with his skis he had good control.  I was able to go down with him and swerve back and forth and zoom around him while he steered himself down the hill.  It was super fun for me and him.
We have plans to get Violet out on the slopes one more time this year.  We will see how these plans turn out.