“Skiing” at Timber Ridge

Last Friday the kids had a day off from school so I took a day off from work and we all went skiing at Timber Ridge.  We  got there at 10am and stayed there until about 5pm.  It was a good deal because the kids got free lift tickets and we got a $5 lunch voucher.  We skied on the hills in the morning and then went in to have lunch.  I think the favorite part of the trip was the dessert the kids got to have after lunch.  They each got a sucker!

In the afternoon, they opened up another ski lift and a small terrain park.  The kids wanted to try the terrain park so we went over there.  We spent over an hour “skiing”.  I use quotes, because it seems like the kids spent more time in the air or on ramps or boxes than on the snow.  The video shows some of the obstacles that the kids and I “skied” over.

Ohh… by the way…  The loud cheering that you hear in the video is Hayden cheering for his sister after she lands some jumps.