Where is this going?

Sometimes, I realize that I cannot anticipate every conversation with a three-year old. Here’s a summary from the other day while driving home from daycare:
Violet: Is glass fragile?
Me: Yes
Violet: How fragile?
Me: Well, if you drop it, it could break.
Violet: Are the car windows made of glass?
Me: (starting to grasp where the conversation is going) Yes, but not the kind of glass that breaks easily. It is a special glass made just for vehicles.
Violet: Can it break?
Me: Yes, but it’s very hard to break it.
Violet: How would you break it?
Me: Well, if you really have to break it, you could probably use something very hard like a baseball bat or golf club. Sometimes if a car gets in an accident, the glass might break then too.
Violet: Would my golf club break it?
Me: (not sure where she is taking this conversation anymore) Probably not your plastic club – it would have to be something much harder – like a brick.
Violet: Can I try?
Me: No. The glass is there to protect us and we really don’t want to break it because we wouldn’t be able to glue it back together. Why do you want the glass broken?
Violet: I want to feel the wind in my hair.
All of that because she longs for having the window down. Well, needless to say she now knows how to break a car window.

One thought on “Where is this going?

  1. This reminds me of a Berenstain Bear story that Mikey had read to him and the next day he picked grass and put it into Regina's little gas tank compartment. Luckily, he couldn't get the gas cap off. Knowledge is a scary thing! Good luck. Grammy

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