Time Out

The other day Hayden got a time out.  Generally Hayden is a good kid, but this isn’t anything too noteworthy.  What was unique about this timeout was why he received it.  He received the timeout because he threw a vacuum at Violet.  In all of my days on this earth I have never been made aware of someone getting a time out for throwing a vacuum at someone else.

To tell why Hayden got a timeout I have to talk about the stickers that Hayden had put on his vacuum earlier that day.  He worked for a good 5-10 minutes on putting round stickers on his vacuum.  Once they got home from school, Violet decided to stamp each sticker with her Hello Kitty stamp.  Seeing this, Hayden tried to take the stickers off, but they didn’t come off cleanly.  This is what sent Hayden over the edge..

So far, there have been no more vacuum incidents.