The heat couldn’t keep us away

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We like to go to Frederick Meijer Gardens around the kids’ birthdays because during this time, the butterflies are blooming! It is always lots of fun – we’ve been going since before Hayden was born. (In fact, I remember being VERY pregnant one year when we took Violet!)

This year, we went a couple weekends ago, and of course, it was the hottest day possible. We weren’t quite ready for the heat, and me and the kids all wore pants with socks and tennis shoes. 80 degrees in April is not the norm!

The day started off grand. We headed up to GR and enjoyed some time at the Y there before going out to lunch at a really yummy Mediterranean restaurant (I’ll add the name when I remember!). After that, we went to the gardens. They were PACKED! The kids did awesomely waiting to get in – it probably helped that Mike and I both had our phones handy for them to play as we moved along in the line.

The butterfly area was SO HOT. Hayden ended up spending some time standing still in the hopes that the butterflies would land on him. They did not. We moved through there pretty fast. Then we headed outside for some walking and playing in the kid area. I think that Hayden and Violet’s favorite time was rolling and/or running down the hills.

Once we took a stroll through the Japanese Garden there, we headed out for ice cream.

I’m glad we went.

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