Sunny with a Chance of Sledding

Today was such a great day for going sledding – sun shining, with crisp snow. It was a little chilly, but we decided that we would go in the morning since the wind was going to pick up in the afternoon. So, in 19F we bundled up the kids and headed to a school not too far from our house. We invited our friends Amanda and Mark, who had their son with them. They met us there and fun was had by all!

Violet decided she wanted to go down the BIG hill by herself on Hayden’s sled… She started off super great, but always wants her hat down over her eyes so she “doesn’t get any snow in them.”

She then started going sideways, … and then upside down – backwards. She got up and yelled “I’m OKAY!” She didn’t want to go down on that sled again, however.

Hayden and Violet both had a great time, and we ended up sledding for a little over an hour before we all headed back to our house for a myriad of soups, grilled cheese, homemade bread and sweet potatoes. Mmm.

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One thought on “Sunny with a Chance of Sledding

  1. Violet's sledding experience sounds very similar to mine when I tried to go the other day! The snow was so powdery that it would cake onto my face and then my sled would just wipe out. Maybe it's time to get some snow goggles : )

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