Summer Camp Part 2

So the updates were less frequent than I was planning.  Getting detailed information out of Violet about her day at camp is as easy as telling Skittles to be quiet in the morning when she wants to get fed.

Here are some highlights from her week:

Violet got to see a toad on her nature hike.
Violet turned a meijer paper bag into a turtle by coloring the shell and cutting holes in it for her head and arms.

Violet went on a 1.5 mile nature hike

Violet learned about snakes and got to paint one (see the long picture).

They got to walk through a “rain forest”.  It was the arboretum in the interpretive center.
She also made a macaroni lizard and paper plate frog.

She was told to bring her bathing suit!  I think they have a big slip and slide for the kids to go down.

The entire week has been awesome for Violet.  I’m sure she will miss going to camp, but we have a second coming up later this summer!