My Father’s Day Present from Hayden

The Friday before Father’s day Libby and I got a chance to pickup Hayden early to go see Inside Out (That is a separate topic, but I would recommend seeing it).  When we picked him up, He ran to his cubby and pulled out something he wanted me to see.  It turned out to be a book he made for me for Father’s day.  I have a copy of it below for your review.  One of the things I really like about it is how Hayden mentions our trips to Great Wolf Lodge and Skiing.  I am glad to see they are impactful for him.

(Apologies for the extra pages of garbage in between the real pages)

2 thoughts on “My Father’s Day Present from Hayden

  1. Can only see 3 pages but it is wonderful! Always love to see the stories that the kids make! All of the things you all do together make a positive impact for them and their future

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