Last Summer Fun

Saturday was unseasonably warm so we decided to capitalize on it and go to the beach.  We started off going to St. Joseph where the kids showed us around because they have both been there with Curious Kids in the past.  They recommended we eat at Silver Beach Pizza for lunch.  This was definitely a GREAT recommendation.  Below is a picture of Violet waiting for the pizza.

We ate at Silver Beach Pizza because they were right next to an AWESOME fountain that the kids (and I) loved playing in.

After St. Joseph, we took Bella and the kids to Hagar Park just north of St. Joseph because it had a dog friendly beach.  To our surprise, it also had a nice playground where we all played tag.

After Hagar park, we went up to Van Buren State to swim one last time.  Needless to say, everyone was pretty tired after all of that.  Below is a link to the photo album to see all of the pictures associated with this adventure.

Last Summer Fun Album