Growing Trees – Part 3

The apple tree continues to grow (Part 1, Part 2).  As can be seen from the picture on the right, the original apple tree now has a sibling.  The proximity of the two trees with respect to one another is not ideal, but what do you expect when a three and a half year old is the one who gets to decide where the seeds are planted.

This weekend, Grandpa Ray showed us how to water the plants with a squirt bottle.  We are going forward with this method for 3 reasons:
1.  You can more easily control the amount of water that gets delivered to the plants.
2.  You can water the plants more frequently so the kids can interact with the plants without poking at them.
3.  It is fun for the kids to use the squirt bottle.  (This may be the most important reason.)

Hayden and Violet both enjoyed watering the plants.  Violet understands the concept of how water shoots out of the squirt bottle.  Hayden has a more direct approach.