“F Bombs”

Tonight’s dinner conversation while Mike was out at a meeting:

Vi: What does it mean to drop an “f bomb”?
Me: Where did you learn that?
Vi: Minecraft.
Me: Huh?
Vi: Billy [or whatever boy’s name] said he needed to drop the f bomb.
Me: Well, the f bomb is usually what someone says when someone unexpectedly says the f word.
Vi: What happens when someone drops the f bomb? Do things explode?
Me: No. You might get in trouble though because some people don’t think it is appropriate to ever be said, especially by kids.
Vi: Why? Is it just a word?
Me: Do you know the word?
Vi: Is it fart? (No). Fib? (No).
Vi: Ok. I’ll just say “f bomb”. That won’t get me in trouble, will it?
Me: Nope, that’s cool.