A day at the lake

It’s Tuesday, so we decided to take the day and head up to the lake for some fun in the sun on the lake. We left by 6:45am to have time to grab breakfast and make the drive up to Lake Pleasant. We rented a pontoon boat from Scorpion Bay Marina (sounds very Arizona) and spent a solid 4 hours swimming and tubing. Violet had a friend come with and it was great. I even went tubing… this was the first time since we’ve had kids that I found myself on a tube behind the boat. Mike took it easy on me though, so I survived splendidly and didn’t fall off.

This was the first boat trip we’ve taken since we moved to Arizona a little over a year ago. It was a much needed ‘get out of the house’ activity, and I’m so glad we went early in the morning during the week. I cannot even imagine what that lake looks like during a weekend…

I took SO.MANY.PICTURES, but Mike was adamant that I not save them all. So here’s the curated (but probably still too many) pictures from our adventure:

We’re back home after grabbing some lunch on the road, and it’s only 3 in the afternoon, the temp has hit 110. No one got sunburn and everyone had a great time.