Can’t Beat this Sunshine


Another day at home with the family. Today, I started the kids out with reading. They decided they wanted to lay by the pool and enjoy the sunshine and the breeze. Vi decided to put her feet in the pool.

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After Hayden got through with two books, it was time to move on to math. He worked for a while on his worksheets and we decided to do something a little bit more beneficial to him. He decided he wanted to count out all of our change, and in exchange, receive 1% of the total. He was also on the hunt for quarters that I have yet to find for my state and national park quarter books. He managed to make $1 and find 1 quarter that I didn’t have!

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The breeze and flies (ugh!!) became too much, so we all headed inside to enjoy the rest of the afternoon, which included a splendid edition of Just Dance and then some Netflix (homework for the day is DONE).

Enjoy our blooming flowers – more flowers keep blooming every day! It’s like a wall of yellow out the back.

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