Shower Time

Tonight I gave Violet and Hayden showers after getting back from the beach. As usual, Violet’s shower was uneventful aside from the time it took to brush out her hair. Hayden’s shower was a bit more exciting. He did really well listening for the most part. At one point in the shower I asked him to hold on to the shower head while I was washing him with a wash cloth. I told him to spray his belly so water wouldn’t spray out of the shower. After rinsing his belly for a bit, he pointed the shower head lower to his privates. It hit him once and he giggled and then moved it up. After a bit, he moved it back down and kept it there. he started laughing and couldn’t stop until I took it and finished washing him up.

I guess I won’t have to worry about him spraying water outside of the bath tub any more.

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