Obsess much?

Hayden’s obsession with vacuum cleaners has hit another level. My house has never been quite so well cleaned (at least the carpeted sections of the floor). He asks me to vacuum at least a couple hundred times a day – and if you think I’m exaggerating, check out the video below. This is just 20 seconds of an hour-long pleading for me to keep vacuuming after I vacuumed the entire upstairs and main level of the house following a 30 minute demanding of my utilizing my vacuuming skills.

If he’s not asking me to vacuum, he is making sure that he knows where the vacuum is at all times. “Vacuum closet?” and “I see vacuum” are commonly heard nearly as many times as the “mommy, vacuum” that I have become accustomed to throughout the day. Now that he can open doors by himself, at least that part is easier because he’s not asking me to keep opening the closet every couple minutes. We’ve considered getting him his very own working vacuum that he can use to be more helpful, but as it is, even his toy vacuum is used on a daily basis and that doesn’t seem to alleviate his persistence.

I’m not sure how to keep my patience with his demands. I repeat myself, “No, I’m not going to vacuum” probably as many times as he asks, but some days I wish he could just give it a break for a few hours. He knows where to find the vacuums in both grandparents’ houses and will ask to see them nearly as soon as we step foot in the house. Now that Grandpa Chuck has a POWER SHOVEL, we’ve been hearing about that as well.

Maybe this won’t last much longer… I can only hope…