Crotch Sticks

Tonight was bath night after a weekend up north.  I was cleaning up after inner and Libby was getting the kids ready to go upstairs to take a bath.  To get them going they decided to have a race.

On your marks…
Get set…

The kids were upstairs in a flash.  I heard a smack and saw Libby doubled over in pain after kicking the wall (she’s OK).  After waiting a bit Violet came down to see what the delay was.When she found out Libby hurt her foot and saw that walking was a bit of a chore she asked Libby “Do you need some crotch sticks?”

We asked her what crotch sticks are for and she said “Crotch sticks help you walk when you are hurt.”  After that, we realized that Violet meant to ask if Libby needed crutches.