Bittersweet Ski Trip

Yesterday the kids and I went to Bittersweet Ski Resort.  Below is a picture of them in the ski lift together.  It was SUPER busy and the snow was a bit icy, but the kids and I enjoyed ourselves none the less.

Hayden and Violet in the Chair Lift Together

We got there around 2pm and skied until it started to get dark.  We skied all over including the terrain parks.  Of the 20 trails on the Trail Map we went on all but wild rose because it was just a bunch of moguls.

Evening Sunset

When asked about what Hayden wanted to talk about, he said “I did a face plant!”  This happened when Hayden was going down the terrain park that is intended for people who want to do jumps and flips.  Hayden was going off a 5 foot jump when I told him not to.  He then went off the side.  The only problem with this is that the side was straight down.  Hayden’s skis went straight down and he landed on his head.  Good thing he was wearing a helmet.

The first thing that Violet mentioned about the ski trip was “all of the stairs” we had to climb since we brought our food and we had to eat it in a loft area.  We went up and down multiple times for our snacks and meals.  She also mentioned that she loved going on the sweet express chair lift  because it was FAST!

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