Weekend Fun

This past weekend was pretty eventful.  On Friday Libby got home from a business trip so we celebrated her birthday and hung out with her for a while.  Saturday we went to a seafood boil at a friend’s house.  The recipe sort of gets you there except the one we went to had mussels too.  It was cooked in an outdoor turkey fryer and dumped out on a table to grab the food.  Below is a picture of Hayden and Violet eating with one of the kids.  Hayden actually LOVED the mussels.

Sunday I took Hayden to a birthday party for his friend Sam.  It was at a community pool.  They had pizza cupcakes and party favors.  Hayden had a blast.  They also had a diving board that Hayden loved jumping off of (with his life jacket).  He got so good that he decided to run and jump off the diving board.  This was a bad idea.  He miss-judged the distance and slipped.  Luckily he landed on his life jacket.  He then flipped up on to his shoulders and fell of the board head first into the water.  I had a great view from right next to the diving board in the water.  Needless to say he was crying more out of being scared than anything else.  He had a little scrape on his chin and foot, but he was good after a while.  When he got calmed down he asked if he was in trouble for falling.  After I told him he was not in trouble he asked to get back on the diving board.  This time he was just going to stand and jump off.  
This was a successful weekend because no one got burned, needed stitches, or a cast.