We finally took them away…

… Violet’s training wheels, that is! It’s official. Our baby girl can ride her bike like a pro. Violet has been practicing on her balance bike for a while and Mike decided that yesterday would be a great day to take off her training wheels and see how she does on her bike. The first time or two going, she had a slight difficulty figuring out how to get started and positioning her pedals, but after that – well, we won’t be going back to training wheels for her ever again. Mike never even had to do the ‘holding on to the seat and run behind’ thing.

She rode to the park and practiced going up and down our driveway and up to the neighbor’s house and back. She beamed with pride, and Mike and I watched with probably just as much pride.

Today, she was the little dare devil. She can now ride up our driveway, turn around, and continue back the other way without stopping. She starts and goes with ease. She ended up taking one spill and that was because Hayden was right in her way, she was turning, slowing, and going up an incline. She brushed herself off (with only a few tears and a little whining) and got right back on her bike to continue practicing.

We decided to go on a family bike ride to the park. Violet and I went all the way to the mall on the bike trail and there is a substantial hill. She decided to down and up (four times!) and then back to the park. It’s about a mile and a half (rough estimate) to the end of the trail that we rode. Even my legs were tired, so we’ll see how she feels tomorrow.

We are so proud of her and we think that Hayden won’t be too far behind with the removal of training wheels – especially if he keeps up his practice on the balance bike.

Here’s a video from yesterday’s biking adventure. This is within an hour of Violet having her training wheels removed.