Violet’s Reading Log

Violet has a reading log she has to keep for her class.  She has to write down the date she read a book, the title of the book, how log she read for, and then a parent has to sign it to vouch that it is true. Below is a photo of her reading log:

As you can see she has been reading 15 minutes or more as she should.  Look closely at the signature column.  Notice anything strange about the last one?  The last entry was NOT approved by me.  It was approved by Violet.  I found this out when she came home from school and said “Guess what dad?”  “My teacher didn’t even know that I signed my reading log!” (With a very large and proud grin on her face)
Standing in amazement I didn’t know quite what to say at first.  Eventually I talked to her about how that is not appropriate.  I can tell it is going to be an interesting few years through high school…