Up Up and Away!

Today we experienced a day of flight.  We started off at the Air Zoo watching a science demonstration related to flight.  It wasn’t the best but at least the kids got candy at the end.  To give you a feel for it, one of the presenters said that a small tennis ball goes farther in the air than a wiffle ball because it has a greater mass and we all know that Newton’s 2nd law says objects with more mass go faster.

After I retaught the kids properly, we prepared for our next stop.  A bi-plane ride!!! We all got caps and goggles to wear for our plane ride.  The kids were SUPER excited to go in a plane.  Libby and I were too.  The kids had nothing but smiles the entire trip.  When asked what his favorite part of the trip was Hayden replied “Seeing the broccoli”.  Upon further questioning he said the trees looked like broccoli.

After we landed we stuck around the air zoo.to watch the hot air balloon festival.  The kids were hungry so we had to get a doughnut and apple cider snack before the balloons went up.  It was really cool to see all of the balloons inflate and then go up in the air one at a time.  Hopefully it is a day the kids won’t forget.  Libby and I know that we won’t.

Since we took so many pics we have a separate album that you can see the pictures here.