These kids sure do love their music

There’s a new radio station here in the zoo that both Mike and I enjoy and nearly 100% of the music they play has passed the parental approval for our kids to listen to. Bonus, they play 56 minutes of music each hour, so the odds are we can be in the car/house and barely hear a single commercial. [shout-out to Z96.5]

Anyway, Mike and Hayden were listening to the radio while they were cleaning the other day and Flobots “Handelbars” came on and Hayden made Mike TURN OFF the vacuum to listen to the song (shocker!). Ever since, Hayden has been walking around singing the part of the song he knows over and over and over again – with a dance.

Enjoy. (he ends with, “and I’m finished!”)

Here’s the original, if you’re curious.