The beginning of the end

The first day of kindergarten. Wow. Didn’t think it would come this soon, but really, everyone says it does, and it’s true. And now time will fly by and each school year will blend into the next and summers will end too soon. But I digress and get ahead of myself.

I want Violet to enjoy kindergarten. So far, she loves it. There is a little confusion on being able to help her understand the difference from daycare and school, however.

On the first day of school, both kids were up and ready to go. We had purchased new shoes for Violet and a backpack for Hayden the night prior, so they were eager to head out the door. I had packed Violet’s lunch the night before and tried to prepare myself that she will be able to eat all of her food on her own. Mike dropped them both off so I could work out in the morning. I worried that Violet would have a hard time leaving daycare, getting on a bus, getting off the bus and finding her classroom, and then making it safely back to daycare. I know I shouldn’t have worried, but I can’t help it.

Mike let me know that dropping them off went great, and they jumped right into their days.

Mike ended up picking them up that day too, so I was eagerly awaiting their arrival.

I love when my kids see me and come running with smiles and big hugs. Ray was spending the evening with us and Mike was off to a swim race, so Ray and I got to hear all about Violet’s first day of kindergarten.

She shared with us the ‘sound levels’ and we tried to practice at dinner. They range from 0-4, where 0 is silence and 4 is shouting. Hayden can only do 0 or 4, but that’s okay. Violet told us about her art class and how she raises her hand. She also told us about how she managed to get her shoe caught in one of the playground equipment holes and had to have a friend help her get her shoe off then she had to race in and get help putting her shoes back on. At least she’s resourceful.

With Hayden, it is a little more complicated to find out about his day. He said he just sat around and didn’t really do anything. I’m pretty sure he painted and did activities, so hopefully he’ll be more excited to share his experiences as time goes on. He still likes the firetruck and going outside. He is super excited that he gets to drink chocolate milk every day and have lots of food.

I’m sure each day will get easier, but I’m not sure I’m ready, but it’s happening whether I’m ready or not. This is so exciting.