Santa the Techie

Violet and I were talking yesterday morning about going to see Santa at the mall. She made sure to tell me that she thought she was going to be too nervous to talk with Santa. Here’s our conversation:

Vi: I’m nervous to tell Santa what I want. 
Me: you’ll do great. 
Vi: can you tell him for me? 
Me: no, that’s not how it works. 
Vi: can you just text him a picture of what I want? 
Me: (trying not to laugh) no, I can’t do that.
Vi: I’m sure he has a phone, because if he didn’t, that would just be weird.

Who would have thought that a four year old would suggest texting Santa her Christmas list.

Yesterday was the big day for the kids. This is the first year that we’ve taken the kids to meet Santa. We went to the mall by our house after taking the kids out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Hayden and I made sure to take some silly pictures once he started to get antsy. 

After dinner, we all went to the mall to meet Santa! Little did we know, but it was also bring your pet for pictures with Santa night. The kids were excited to see all of the dogs. I might add it was weird to stand in line with both parents with children and dogs.

The kids sat with Santa and sweet little Violets feet were going a mile a minute because she really was nervous. They each told him the one thing that they wanted most. For Violet, it was princesses that she can dress up (this was the photo that she wanted to text to Santa – we’ve already got that one covered) and Hayden said in his deep “I’m excited” voice, “A BIG VACUUM!”. Santa thought that was funny. He was a great Santa – with a real beard! I’ll post pics with Santa tonight probably. They did awesome.

As for the vacuum, I think we’re going to have to get him one now. 

After we met with Santa, they each got a little coloring book and we went and played on the ‘cars’ at the mall. We also had to buy Violet some new running shoes. That girl is growing like a weed! 

They were great, despite it being a long day and past their bedtime.

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  1. Looks like I'm the last hold-out for cell phones – and am proud of it. (I hope my little Trac-phone doesn't count!) Grammy

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