On the Hunt

Today Hayden found a caterpillar at daycare. One of his teachers put it in an upside down cup for him to take home. They also got him a container to bring it home in. When it was time to go home, Libby found the cup that it was in but couldn’t find the caterpillar. This caused much crying. Libby looked all over bit still couldn’t find it.

When they got home, Hayden was still crying because he couldn’t find it. We got him to stop by promising that we could go for a walk in the woods to look for caterpillars. As we went for a walk, I was talking about how caterpillars are out in the day and are out when it is warmer and how they have bed times too. As I was explaining this I saw a tent worm home and knew we were in luck. After showing Hayden the home we dug out a couple of worms and brought them (and some leaves) home with us. The caterpillars were transported home in a raspberry container so I worked with Hayden to transfer them to a jar with slits in the lid. He was very proud to be taking care of his caterpillars.

Now we will see what happens over the next few days!