In the previous post I said that I would update the blog when any progress occurred with Violets tooth.  As promised, I’m updating the status of the tooth.  After going down for nap, Violet was playing with her tooth.  After a few minutes of laying down while I was rocking with Hayden, I heard “MOMMY !!!  I LOST MY TOOTH!”.

Upon pulling her tooth out, Violet bounded out of bed and Libby hopped out of the chair in Violets room to tur on the light.  In between the time of Violet pulling her tooth out and Libby turning on the light, Violet had actually lost posetion of her tooth.  After searching for about 5 minutes, Libby found it in the carpet in Violet’s room. 

Now we just have to see how much the tooth fairy gives for teeth!  Given the cost of living in Portage as compared to Muskegon County and adjusting for the rate of inflation I’m sure it will be a pretty penny!

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