Meaning of Life

All while Mike was out of town, the kids were planning a talent show. Saturday was the big performance. Mike had an all-day retreat so the kids and I spent the morning cleaning and continuing our final dress rehearsal for that evening’s talent show. 
Hayden was dressed for his dance performance after we finished cleaning and proceeded to let me know that he knew the meaning of life. I asked him to sit down and share with me. Not quite the meaning of life, but adorable nonetheless:
Violet, meanwhile, was getting Midnight prepared for the talent show. She wrapped one of those wire flowers around his neck. He was purring SO LOUD. In this pic, you can see his claws are out, but really, he just kept reaching up to her face so she would pet him some more. Crazy cat.

The kids set up chairs and brought down all of their stuffed animals in front of the stage for the performance. We made sure that the floor was well covered with the blue pads and then a yoga mat in addition to blankets for the various performances.

I think being prepared for the talent show was more fun than them actually performing. In fact, Hayden decided that he didn’t even want to perform once Mike got home. It was fun while it lasted.

 The kids both also asked that I do their makeup for the talent show. They both sat and got “ALL PRETTY!” (I didn’t do anything too crazy, Mike doesn’t approve). They loved it. After I did their makeup – both kids got the same treatment – we took lots of pictures of them being super silly and posing. Lots more laughs. Despite a bad headache, I’m going to chalk that day up to one more successful mommy/kid day.

Also, notice that Hayden is working on his BLUE STEEL pose. He’s doing great.