Just cool like that

Yesterday, Mike attended an all day seminar with workshops held at the Radisson. It’s a big fundraiser for a nonprofit in Kalamazoo and they bring in big speakers from around the nation on a variety of topics. Anyway, Mike received a goody bag with some cool books and other swag. One of the items was a pair of sunglasses.

Of course, the kids had to fight over them because they both wanted to wear them. Hayden managed to get dibs on them and decided to wear them through the house for a while. I went upstairs to change into my workout clothes and Hayden came up to “hang out” (he likes to just “hang out” with me, he says).

We were talking, and he looks at me and … well, here’s our conversation:

Hayden: Mom, I’m wearing sunglasses.
Me: Yeah, I like them.
Hayden: Do you know why I’m wearing sunglasses?
Me: No, why?
Hayden: I’m wearing glasses because I’m cool like that. They’re awesome.

I couldn’t help but busting out laughing. I asked him to say it again so I could get it on video. The ‘attitude’ isn’t as prevalent in this video, but you get the idea.