It’s Hard Work Being an Adult

Tonight after dinner the kids were both helping Libby and I do chores. Hayden was vacuuming with Libby and Violet was helping me put away dishes. The kids both said some cute things while they were helping us.

Hayden was vacuuming with the vacuum he got from Santa. After reflecting on how he liked ir, he paused and said "I should have asked Santa for a Dyson". When we asked him why, he said"Because they are expensive".

While Violet was putting away dishes she asked "Is this what being an adult is like?" I said yes and she replied "It is hard work being an adult." I then said it is worth it because you get to have really cool kids. Violet then replied "Yeah, and trying is the most fun." I was taken back by her saying that trying to have kids is the most fun, but upon further conversation I found out that Violet said DRIVING is the most fun.

I am glad driving is the best part of being an adult.