Growing Trees – Part 2

Fuji Apple Sprout

It has been almost two weeks since we planted the seeds.  Nothing has sprouted, so Libby and I were thinking about composting the dirt and “broken” seeds.  We were hesitant to, however, since Violet has been checking them every day and asking us when they were going to sprout.  The answer to her question came today at lunch.  She looked in the dirt and saw a sprout!

She was excited to be able to eat apples soon.  After we discussed that it will be a few years before she will be able to get any apples from the tree (we’ll see how long this project lasts) we talked about how to take care of the plant.  We asked her what a plant needs and she said that it needed sun and water.  Since we are in Michigan and it’s winter, the former is lacking and out of our control.  The latter necessity is something that Violet can take care of!

Violet Practicing

 It just so happened that I got a new baster from Meijer this morning since our other one got a hole in it (probably from Hayden chewing on it when he was younger).  This would be a great new tool to help water the sprout.  Since the plant is delicate, Violet was practicing transferring water from one container to another before we gave the plant some water.

Violet Watering the Sprout

After Violet practiced for a bit, it was time to water the sprout.  I told her to put water in it gently and only one baster full.  After putting two or three baster fulls in (don’t know exactly how many because I was putting the camera away) we celebrated our hard work by drinking some hot cocoa.  This too became a liquid that could be sucked up in the baster.

I guess we won’t be composting the dirt and the not so “broken” seeds after all…

MVZ (Using Libby as a pen name)