Go green!

So this is not related to Disney, but I wanted to get this up here before we forget!

At Violet’s school, the discipline is based on a color system. Green through red. Since I don’t have the color coding in front of me, I’m not sure how many colors there are [I’ll update once I get home] – I think Violet said there’s yellow and blue too…

Well, if you get in trouble, your color changes. Once you get to red, the school has to call your parents.

Of Violet’s classmates, there were only three who stayed on green the entire month! Each month that they stay on green, they get a different ‘charm’ (tag) for their necklace. Violet was so proud that she got her necklace.

I’m kind of shocked that so many kids didn’t stay on green, but then again, it’s probably just my expectations for my kids. Violet has an ear infection (thanks, vacation!) and one little boy hit her in her ear yesterday. She said that put him to red since it wasn’t the first time he hit someone. I hope that’s true, because I was slightly livid that someone would be that cruel as to hit someone in the ear knowing that it hurts already. GAH!

Regardless, Violet stayed on green and is an official member of the “Green Team.”

High five for Violet.