first truly spring day

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and 72°F. Perfect for an Easter outside. It was one of the most pleasant days in a while. Everyone in our home is healthy and the house is not completely trashed lived in. The sun is shining and the birds are tweeting.

In the morning, we had a pleasant breakfast, including egg wars (pictures were posted – Saturday was egg coloring, Sunday morning was the battle and consumption of eggs). Then, Paula and I took the kids to Meijer to pick up some clothes in the hopes that the Easter Bunny would visit. He did! We returned that the kids were trying on their clothes and Violet spied some eggs on the trampoline. They were off. They did a great job finding eggs and toys that were hidden throughout the yard, under the small pool, and in the sandbox. Paula and Ray left after lunch and Hayden and I had a lovely nap while Violet played Minecraft with Mike. She LOVES that game. Well, so does Mike.

In the afternoon after naps, we decided that it would be a great idea to get out the water table and piping and let the kids have at it. They did great. They decided to bring out Hayden’s lego car that he received and make a car wash. Mike and I took turns going for our runs while the kids played – it was gorgeous.

Before bed, we let off some steam by dancing to music videos.

What a lovely day.