First Day at Daycare

Tuesday September 3, 2013 was Violet and Hayden’s first day at the new daycare. Libby and I both took the day off for this momentous occasion. Prior to starting their big days we all went out to Bob Evans (down on the farm) for breakfast. After breakfast Violet had to go to school to meet her teacher and to do a scavenger hunt!

Like kindergarten screening, Violet said she was shy as she was leading us down the hall to her class room. When we got to her class she met her teacher Mrs. Jarrett. Mrs. Jarrett showed us around the class room and gave Violet the scavenger hunt. We had to find the gym, lunch room, office, and her locker (in her room). After we completed the scavenger hunt it was off to the new daycare.

At daycare, Hayden and Violet are in different rooms. We first dropped Hayden off because we were worried that it would be hard for him to get used to the new room. After getting a tour of the room (drinking fountain, sink, bathroom) we were talking to the teacher. While we were talking, Hayden spotted a huge fire truck. Hayden quickly ran over and started playing with it. As we were leaving we said bye to Hayden. Expecting him to run over and ask us to wave goodbye and do an elaborate exit routine we found him looking up from the truck long enough to say goodbye and then he went right back to playing.

We walked down the hall and went to Violet’s room. Upon entering we saw the teacher and he was a guy. He didn’t come up to Violet and introduce himself so Violet truly got shy this time and was hiding behind Libby’s legs. Libby went out of the room to go get Hayden’s blanket while I stayed with Violet and introduced her to another girl and got her going on coloring. After she was settled in Libby and I left to go spend time together mountain biking and cleaning our garage.

After a long day of mountain biking and cleaning, we decided to pick the kids up early from daycare. Upon arrival we found two kids who were happy to see us and two kids who had great days. Hayden’s favorite thing that he did at daycare was using the sink and drinking fountain by himself. After asking him about playing, he said that he also enjoyed playing with the fire truck and playing in the sandbox. Violet’s favorite part of daycare was doing arts and crafts. At some point in the day she got to paint her hands and feet and walk all over a large piece of construction paper and make hand prints.

It is really different going from a wonderful in home daycare to a large daycare with multiple providers, but the kids have adjusted a lot quicker than Libby and I.