Circle of Life continues…

The kids survived the dead bird incident splendidly the other day. Maybe too well. 

Yesterday, Hayden wanted to help Mike mow the lawn while I was inside playing/cleaning with Violet. I decided to give my mom a call to let her know of our weekend plans and just to catch up. I was sitting on the stairs inside the house when Hayden comes in and comes up to me and says, “Smell my hands! They are STINKY!” I did, and they were indeed, very stinky.

I asked what he had gotten into, and he proceeded to tell me that he found ANOTHER dead bird and he carried it to the compost pile and buried it a little so it would decompose with the other bird. He did in fact find another dead bird and carried it in his hands to the compost pile.

I helped him to wash his hands and try to get the horrid smell out (it took a little vinegar, hand sanitizer and soap) and he was so proud that he was such a good helper. I got to remind him that it’s okay to take care of dead things, but next time, please use a shovel. Or ask for help. Goodness.