Ben Jammin

So Hayden is a groupie…

At his Daycare there is a piano teacher by the name of Ben Jammin (given I am sure). Ben does concerts for the kids at Hayden’s daycare and Hayden loves it. As we were walking out one day Hayden saw Ben from afar and ran to give him a hug. When I made it over there I told Ben that Hayden talks about him every night. That is when Ben told us about his next concert.

The concert was this Saturday at old dog tavern in Kalamazoo. Don’t worry, the concert started at 11am. Don’t worry, they still served Bloody Mary’s.

The concert was awesome. The kids got to play instruments and go up on stage and Hayden won a CD of Ben Jammin’s. We will definitely be a groupie for Ben Jammin.

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